Ann T. Snyder (People, Things and Places, etc.):
Ann T. Snyder was for many years a researcher for Dr. A. Kenneth Curtis, former President of Christian History Institute/Vision Video and founder of Christian History Magazine. She also worked with Dr. Curtis on Glimpses, an illustrated pamphlet about Christian History with world-wide subscribers. Following the death of Dr. Curtis, Ann joined the library staff of Biblical Seminary, Hatfield, PA, where she works on special projects.

Two articles by her appeared in Issue 100 of Christian History Magazine. A number of years ago she published a slim volume of verse, Philadelphia Impressions, which she also illustrated. She enjoys sharing her short stories with her friends.

Ann has a great love for all things Anglican, music, archaeology and books. In her youth she had the pleasure of working as a volunteer at the University of Pennsylvania Museum with the late Dr. Samuel Noah Kramer copying texts from cuneiform tablet fragments on loan from the Baghdad Museum. Her collection of books led a friend to quip “the local library is a branch of yours.”

Among her favorite authors are: George MacDonald, Anthony Trollope, and P. D. James.

Tom Blair (Web Developer):
Tom Blair is the owner of Robin Goodfellow Web Designs and web developer for many local websites in the Philadelphia region. Tom has degrees in physics and philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, is a licensed lay reader and member of Holy Spirit Anglican Church in Hatfield, PA.

Tom has wide interests including Anglican history, English language and literature, Shakespeare, theater, and dance.

Professionally Tom is a market analyst in the wholesale electric power industry and lives in Perkiomenville, PA with his wife and two daughters.

Guest Contributors

The Rev’d Fr. Frederick Watson (B.A., M.Div., S.T.M.):
Fr. Frederick Watson is a priest of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese, under the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Graduating from Concordia Senior College, Ft. Wayne, IN, Fr. Frederick majored in Classical Languages and Theology. He received the Master of Divinity from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, and the Master of Sacred Theology degree from Lutheran Seminary, Philadelphia, PA. He has also taught and studied at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a doctoral student in the Christian Origins program. He taught New Testament Greek at Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia for twenty years, before moving to North Georgia, where he currently resides and serves as a parish priest. Fr. Frederick’s academic interests have lain in New Testament textual studies and liturgical history.

Father Watson is author of our series on “Orthodoxy and Anglicanism.”

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