The Anglicana website is the brainchild of two of the parishioners of Holy Spirit Anglican Church. They have devoted countless hours to its production, and it is still growing. One reason why I approved of the project was its lack of a religious/political agenda. This is not a parish website, but one presented as a learning resource which seeks to teach not to preach.

    It was important to me that Anglicana be historically accurate and rooted in tradition, rather than directed to or by modern culture. Our traditions are timeless. Much of this material appears in different forms on countless websites and in books. Anglicana will attempt to present it in such a way that it will be entertaining as well as instructive.

    As the website develops we hope to add more topics such as Church Music, Art, and Architecture. We hope thereby to grow in appreciation of our heritage and in hope for the future of the faith once delivered.

Reverend Robert T. Tufton, Rector
Holy Spirit Anglican Church
Hatfield, PA 19440-4590

Last updated -July 5, 2014.