What We Offer and Why.

Biographies: Those persons who in many ways defined their age, or offered a special expression of their beliefs, or who contributed to a better understanding of the past, deserve to be made known to a questioning age. I have selected among legion a number of persons either to know better, or to meet for the first time.

Recently a friend remarked: “After Bede everything went down hill.” For Bede, there were no questions, only answers that had already been given. The surety of the past is gone and we cannot regain it. Everything is either questioned, or rejected, or both. But the past remains a stronger influence than most people want to admit. They excuse any interest in it by saying that the past is important because from it we learn the mistakes we must not repeat. Actually, for Anglicans, the past it is in our bones. We are the past, the present and the future.

Anglican Glossary: What about the toys in our Anglican attic? The liturgical treasures and their traditions reflect our Catholic heritage. They may have come from Rome originally, but soon spread to the worldwide church and took on the characteristics of the countries and cultures that adopted them. Many things were rejected during the Reformation, but much remains that is worth reviving within our particular Anglican style of “reasonable worship.”

As stated in the Introduction, we hope to expand our list of contributors and topics.


Last updated - May 29, 2016.